Cyber Security and Multimedia Insurance

Historically, most Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have viewed insurance to protect against a cyber-attack being a matter for large corporations, however with the current rate of technological development and mobile device usage it is increasingly apparent that SMEs are becoming more vulnerable to security breaches. Moreover, given that many general liability policies specifically exclude losses incurred as a result of Internet, the need for a separate cyber liability policy is rising.

In response to this growing need, SPRIG Insurance Pty Ltd (SPRIG Insurance), in partnership with a global insurance provider, has developed a Cyber Security and Multimedia Insurance cover (CSM Insurance), to address the first and third-party risks associated with doing business in the 21st century.

Our CSM Insurance offers cutting edge protection for exposures arising out of Internet and Mobile communications and provides clients with a number of options to manage varying exposures and ensuring versatile and affordable cover.

As well, through relationships developed within the cyber security industry and our risk management guidelines, we can actively work with our clients to assess their ICT systems and processes and develop and implement approach strategies to minimise risk exposures.

More importantly, as part of the SPRIG Insurance suite products, clients can be assured that through our commitment to niche scheme business, we will deliver significant benefits and provide superior terms and conditions.


Policy Benefits:

  • Content Liability (including defamation, international property, misleading conduct, privacy)
  • Privacy breach for stored data
  • Data breach on mobile devices
  • Loss of data
  • Extortion and ransom costs
  • Business interruption


Policy Covers




Multimedia LiabilityFull LimitFull LimitFull Limit
Network Security and Privacy LiabilityFull LimitFull LimitFull Limit
Privacy & Data Breach expensesUp to $500,000 aggregateUp to $500,000 aggregateFull Limit aggregate
Privacy Notification costs (includes involuntary costs)Up to $500,000Up to $500,000Full Limit
Credit Assistance expensesUp to $50,000Up to $100,000Up to $250,000
Crisis Management expensesUp to $50,000Up to $100,000Up to $250,000
Forensic expensesUp to $50,000Up to $100,000Up to $250,000
Electronic Data Restoration costsUp to $50,000Up to $100,000Up to $250,000

 Optional Extensions

Personal Credit Information (PCI)
Data Security Standards Breach:
Fines & Penalties
Up to $10,000
 Up to $25,000
 Cyber Business Interruptionoptional
Up to $10,000 
optiona l
Up to $250,000
 Up to $500,000
 Cyber Extortionoptional
Up to $10,000
Up to $250,000
 Up to $500,000


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