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Situation Of Risk

Motor Vehicle / Trailer / Cart

if Rego not known, please advise either;

Cover Details

Comprehensive - Market Value or Agreed* (if less than 2 years old) * If older than 2 years, AGREED Value requires an independent valuation
(Written Proof required before cover can be granted)

Optional Covers

Membership to Australias 365 Roadside Assistance
Provides protection against fees incurred when organising your accounts for any statutory body (EG ATO ) requesting the audit.

Public and Products Liability
Limit of indemnity - Standard Limit $20,000,000

Machinery Breakdown

Limit of indemnity - Standard limit $20,000


General Property

* Standard limit: $1,000 per item; $5,000 Limit.

Previous History - Must be completed

As far as known, have you or any other driver?

Previous Insurance

Declaration - Must be completed
Important Notices

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